And I genuinely want to get to know you. Nothing is more interesting to me than getting to know a person's story. I come from a huge family and am un-officially the family historian. If you ever want to hear stories about Mexico in the 1920's I'm your gal! 
I have loved photography my entire life. My junior high sound track was the sound of that little wheel turning on my disposable camera. (If you're too young to know what that means ask some one you consider old to explain, then go ahead and ask them a few more questions, they might surprise you!) But I really fell in love with photography when I had a family of my own. These Babies grow up fast and it really showed me how important it is to capture these memories.

Hi, I'm Mary

I'm the proud child of immigrants and have seen first hand what the power of education can do. I believe that every educational milestone should be celebrated. Yes, a wedding is important, but a graduation is the culmination of over a decade of hard work.
Let's celebrate that!
I am also a firm believer that your memories today are your future generations history and they should be preserved. I wish that my ancestors would have had a camera! What I wouldn't give to see a photo of my grandmother's family or a picture of my dad in a cap and gown. I want to make sure that your future generations can look back on today and feel connected to this moment no matter where they are in history.  
I'm so excited to get to know you and help you and other generations remember the moment!

Why I do What I do


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