3 Conversations to have with your Senior
before your session

So you and your teen both want the perfect senior photo shoot, but does perfect mean the same thing for both of you?

Here’s some important conversations to have before your Senior Session.

What to Wear

The look and feel of the session is going to revolve around the outfits. If you cannot agree on if you want a formal outfit or if you are looking for a casual feel, bring both! Remember some of these pictures are to hang up on grandma and grandpa’s wall and others will be there to look back on and remember key things about your senior year. Still can’t decide? Bring a third outfit. Something formal, something casual, and something that reflects a hobby or skill that is very dear to you should cover all bases.


The purpose of a Senior Session is to capture the authentic you, so talk about what you are most comfortable with and what that means to you. The problem may come when "authentic you" is defined differently by parents and senior. Remember, you don’t have to stick to one look. We can always start with a more natural look and ramp it up by using darker shades, or we can work with a makeup artist to get the precise look you want.

Where to Go

Now that you have the look, let’s talk about where to go. Look at what you are wearing and think about what setting fits best. A flowy summer dress may look perfect at the beach, jeans with a layered look may compliment the trails in Julian, or your formal wear may look perfect at Balboa Gardens. If your tastes clash with each other there are many areas that have multiple feels mere feet away.

So remember, if it's difficult to agree...

Bring one favorite outfit for the parents and one for the senior

With makeup, you can always start with a natural look and ramp it up as the session allows

Choose a place for your session that compliments your looks 


If you have any questions concerning the topics above or would like to chat about some other aspect of your senior session, I would love to talk. 

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